Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wedding Expo- Pier Park

Sunday March 1st 2009
While an unusual cold front and winter storm slowly crept up on the east coast we were not spared here on the Panhandle.
Pier Parks first ever wedding expo was held in a beautiful location with 100+ brides registered to attend.

New to the “wedding” industry I wasn’t sure what to expect, but, being the optimist that I am I had great hopes. For some reason the whole time I was setting up in chilling winds I had it in my mind they would die down and the clouds would part promptly by noon. I would later find out that would not be the case.
The show started punctually at noon and all the dedicated brides began to make their way around to the vendors looking for deals and ways to add that “special touch” to their big day.
I still can’t say quite how partaking in this show has affected my business but I can say with confidence I now see the important difference to selling directly to your target market as opposed to blindly promoting to the masses.
About 75% of the visitors to my booth were in need of wedding invitations and accessories. I began to think “why should they choose me”? I know that may not have been the most productive “business savvy” thought to have at the moment but it’s true. Especially with all the possibilities of places to purchase on the internet, never mind local completion, why should anyone choose me?
My mind began racing (which I am shocked I could still think at this point with the chilling winds) of all the times I have been turned away from one company to go with another.
For me, it’s customer service. How does someone make me feel? Do I feel my best interested is at heart or are my husband’s hard earned dollars blinding their thoughts for my best interest.
Trust is key. With trust established every detail of the entire transaction and quality of work is locked in your customers mind with confidence. My goal quickly became to be my companies representation of what they can expect throughout the entire process. Honesty, Dedication and Attention to Detail.

I want to thank every bride and groom who offered their time on Sunday and I look forward to working with you in the future.


Meekiyu said...

that must have been a very eye opening experience. I hope you get lots of orders from that. I've never heard of a expo like that before.

btw your blog is so chic. =D

bananaicecream said...

Sounds like a great show!