Friday, March 20, 2009

What's Old Is New

For the past week we have been moving into our new house, well new to us.
This sixty year old, military, base housing has weathered many a storm in its day. Although they aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as the newly built duplexes, we are quite pleased with our antique while trusted to our care. Of course we will move on from this home and it will become of many pleasant memories while raising our children.
Unlike the new homes ours is a waterfront, rustic, beauty with all the character and charm that could come along with it. Compared to our last house, which is scheduled for demolition next month, in our new home I feel like I can breathe again. I am not much one to complain but with all this extra room I now have an idea why I felt the walls were closing in on me.
The layout here is much of the same as our last home but with about 1/3 more of the square footage in every room. An added bonus that is much to be desired here in sunny FL is our screened porch. YEAH!!! It’s funny sometimes how small of a thing can bring so much joy in our lives. It’s so true God gives us gifts in the smallest of ways.

The first weekend here it seemed everything in the house fell apart and my husband was wondering why in the world we ever choose the old over the new. From backed up toilets, leaky faucets, dead power outlets and squeaky doors I simply pointed out the beautiful sunset so wondrously in our view while comfy on the couch.

A bit about Paper Perfections:
Besides moving my business has really began to pick up. It seems I find myself in the midst of “wedding planning” season. I have learned a few more business secrets that have launched me into the next level of completion that I plan to share with you shortly so please stay tuned.

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I love your new place...It looks wonderful..We have lived in some "old housing" that had such character ...I never wanted to leave.
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