Friday, January 9, 2009

The Thing About Authority

Authority- I think it’s something we have and will struggle with our whole life. Why…well we are selfish and want our own way. At least I can only speak for myself; this rings true for me. When we were growing up, we constantly battled to get our own way. Moms, we see it now in our kids as they battle us. We often then turn into rebellious teenagers who think we are smarter and better than to be held “down” by any laws. Then for most, we get married, and have to battle our husbands as the pressure is on for us to be and do what he expects.

URRRGGGGHH….Does the battle ever end!?!?!?

I’m sorry to say that sin will always abound while on this earth. But we can definitely lessen the blows. Put an end to this vicious cycle for the sake of your children. With our example and help they too could have a dramatically smaller battle on their hands.

I have read Mrs. Pearl’s book “Created to be His help Meet” several times. I did learn through her rather gentle, yet hard to hear, teachings about our husband’s place of authority over us and how we can make or break our own marriage. Even though her book should be on the New York’s best selling list, it was on marriage, and didn’t touch on how other types of authority effect not only our walk with God but also our lives here on earth.

I was reading in 1Samuel 9 and God revealed the authoritative importance in how Saul was to become king. Saul’s father sent Saul and a servant out to look for lost asses. They went around to the surrounding tribes and found nothing. Saul decided on his own for them to turn back in case his father got worried due to their absence. The servant then stepped in with an idea to go into the city, Israel, and behold an honorable man of God that will be able to reveal the whereabouts of the lost asses. Saul then replied that they had no gift to honor such a man of God with. The servant then exposed a silver shekel as a gift to come before this great man, Samuel.

Now, stop and think about that. Saul would have been perfectly within right to deny the servant and return home. However, out of love and respect for his father he obeyed the authority of his servant’s words as well. He didn’t take advantage of his status above the servant but respected him because of the servants place before his father.

Meanwhile, Samuel was waiting for Saul, since God revealed just the day before; he would be sending a man the next day to anoint as captain over all of Israel.

What God shared with me in this story is that we are not, or should not, be in complete control of our own lives. Yes, we say that we follow God but how often, as keepers of our home, do we take the wheel on things because we are sure we know what’s best? Personally, I have lost count. If Saul didn’t obey the authority of his father’s servant perhaps God may have seen something in his heart to make him in turn miss out on so much he had planned for his life. I so don’t want that to be me.

Authority comes in all shapes…and sizes. Although, please don’t let me confuse you, Our husband is our final authority here on earth both spiritually and physically. Sometimes God will use people we encounter to orchestrate less “spiritual” matters. Our mothers, sisters, brothers, husbands boss’s wife, children (no not to boss you; but I believe God uses kids in a special way. God has shown me a lot through listening to the things my daughter says; not her commands) oh and do I dare say it, our mother in laws as well. Ultimately, breaking the authority of any of these people (without going outside the will of your husband of course) can bring great shame upon your husband (and you) and how he is viewed as a man in this world.

Learn to obey the authority within your sphere; with Jesus all things are possible.


Very Verdant said...

Awesome and much needed blog this a.m.

There is a great illustration (in the form of a skit)of surrender on called The Stool. I think you will like it.

Thanks for the reminders.

tinybird said...

I just read this post....couldn't be more timely for me. Sometimes I need a good, loving thump in the back of the head.

Hahaha!! The word verification script is showing the word "humble" wow!!!