Monday, January 5, 2009

First Day Of School

Yes, it’s a bit of an odd time to start school.
That is the beauty of homeschooling; you can adjust around what works best for your family. Here in Florida, where we are currently stationed, most 4 year olds are partaking in Pre-K for a few hours a day. If we had decided to send our daughter to school she would not have made the cut off since she turned 4 a few months after the school year began. Instead I planned to start “schooling” her myself after her 4th birthday.

Once I started looking for a teaching method as well as curriculum I was quickly overwhelmed as explained in an earlier post to this blog. My husband, the more level headed of us two, encouraged me to pick a pre-made curriculum that I felt comfortable with. I was worried I would get locked in to teaching things I may not want to. He gently reminded me I can always add and take away as I see fit. Although our daughter is Pre-K age, once I delved deeper into my search I realized she was ready for Kindergarten. As Pre-K mainly consists of colors, numbers, alphabet and shapes I was excited to find out she was well past the basic knowledge of those topics.

Not knowing how the day would go I allotted for a lot of extra time! Even that extra time quickly slipped away I am generally pleased with how the day turned out overall.

6-7Breakfast, Devotions and Get Dad off to work.
7-9 I blocked off these two hours for exercise and play.
9-10 Bath’s and clean up
10-11 Memory verse review, phonics/handwriting, math
11-1 Naps for all!!
1-1:30 Snack
2-3:30 Science, History and Art
3:30-4 clean the house/work on dinner

This is how today went. I prefer to work on school a bit more in the morning. However, the 2 hours blocked off for exercise my friend and I rotated watching the kids and went on 3 mile runs. The weather wasn’t that great so it took a bit longer to switch off than expected. It’s still a work in process and I’m sure all the kinks will be ironed out in a few weeks.

I have always prided myself that my time in the Army taught me to be and expert organizer; but the aesthetics of today were certainly a challenge!

I am so proud of my little girl’s performance today! She loves to learn and picks things up very quick! I was a bit worried that the Kindergarten curriculum would move to fast for her so I am taking it very slow. It has been a breeze so far! I know tougher times are yet to come because once I touched on something a bit challenging her frustration level went through the roof. Is this normal for kids when they learn something new? I suppose time will tell. If you would like to comment or share your own experiences I’d love to hear them.

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Pegasus Handmade Soaps said...

I admire parents who take on the responsibility of home schooling their children. Me personally, I couldn't do it because I was a single parent and my son has a learning disability that require trained teachers in this field and did my part at home with him. It was so hard, but my is grown now and doing quite well. Looks like your child is doing very well. :-)