Thursday, January 15, 2009

HandmadeOlogy-Your LifeLine to Modern Crafting

It’s funny how a business starts.
A good idea turned into an accidental fan club of individuals who enjoy and appreciate your work. But where do you grow from there?
As your business suddenly booms how do you adjust with it? I am a, simple, uneducated, military spouse and mother of two who has found herself well liked and respected and I'm not the only one.
But now what?
In this day and age of such intense online competition how can you possibly stick out from the crowd as a unique, exquisite and most importantly, trusted, shop over all the rest?

Trust me this is something I am dying to know. Please join me as I anxiously anticipate the unleashing of TimothyAdamDesigns new website
As a subscriber of his blog I have received several sneak peeks of the “schooling” on how to properly and efficiently succeed as a handmade shop among such concentrated competition.

I’m sure; now, you are asking yourself “why should I trust this bit of advice over all the others”?
TimothyAdamDesigns has become a trustworthy presence among the Etsy community (and beyond) as being a “go to guy” as well as making for himself a gentleman like presence. His advice has proven trustworthy and dependable time and time again. Don’t believe me?
Check out for yourself some of the great advice (put into practice) he has given amongst the Etsy business topic threads:

Join us on the cutting edge of HandmadeOlogy as we learn to thrive and stand out from our ever present competion.
Unveiling: 26 January 2009 HandmdeOlogy.Com
I look forward to hearing your comments on how the advice given helps you in your own business ventures.
See you then, Sarah

7 comments: said...

Thanks Sarah.....I follow Timothy religiously and have been looking forward to "handmadeology".
Have a great day!

By the way I ejoyed the blog!

dianeclancy said...

Thank you Sarah ...

I saw this on the EtsyGreetings and I am off to check all this out.

Thank you!!
~ Diane Clancy

Handcrafted by LaMar said...

Great PR work...
Are you for hire? LOL
Really though I know he has gr8 advice and thanks for the extra info

Mashinko said...

Can't wait to see how good this is going to be.

SleightGirl said...

Thanks! I'm already a huge fan of his blog...two thumbs up!

cjc said...

Thanks, I see his name all the time, will definitely check it out.

CardsByEmily said...

Thanks! I will visit that website this week if I have some extra time. I wanted to tell you that I love your taste in music! When I was done reading your blog, I left it up to keep listening!

Thanks again,