Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Food Paranoia

That’s right folks I’m convinced we are petrified of food! Why else would be take something completely perfect, nutrient rich, succulent to the lips and eyes, alter it, strip it down regulate it and then pump out a semi version of what it once was?

Our bodies are created in a way that we are able to withstand some roughing up, if you will, on the inside. The dirt, soft spots and even a bug here and there does not kill us. In fact it builds up our immunity to the even harsher exposure that we encounter that is beyond our control. We have made ourselves so “sanitized” our bodies have no clue what to do when any kind of toxin enters. A normal, healthy body knows exactly what to do.

Did you know all cows have the Ecoli in their bodies? However, due to their foraging the enzymes in grass breaks down and kills any bacterial that would have previously been found. The reason our meats are bleached out and recolored is to kill the bacteria. If cows (or any animal we use for consumption) were left in the fields to do what they do best the natural order of things that our Creator set up would take care of itself.

We have demanded cleanliness out of our own ignorance. In the early 1900s when meat packing was at the brink of it’s production stages it was a stumbling mess. The meat packers were actually on the brink of bankruptcy because the consumers didn’t trust them and refused to buy. The meat packers took their “dilemma” to the President and he initiated regulations to help bring back some dignity. And thus started a snowball effect of removing a community functioning food ecology.

As consumers we hold the keys to this runaway train. Problem is, it’s bound to crash and I refuse to be on that ride. I have jumped tracks and am headed another direction on a rickshaw, proud of it and in full control.

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