Monday, January 2, 2012

The Food Dilemma...a girls search for REAL Food

Well this seems easy enough, drive on over to any one of the 5 local stores to pick some version of real food. Well, there is some truth to that, because a version is all you are going to get. It may be a shocker to find out that we don't buy real food in the supermarket. Ok, I embellished a tad...but I'm not too far from the truth.

Three years ago I started on this journey of food discovery that I just can't keep silent about any longer. When my husband convinced me to watch a documentary he ran across that depicted the governments hand in our food countries food production. His explanation intrigued me and since I just LOVE to cook I thought if anything else it would help give me an edge up in the kitchen. What I saw and heard revolutionized the way I looked at food and has since opened up a world in which I can’t turn away from.

Since most of us think that real food is a swarming cornucopia inhabiting the neatly stocked shelves at our local supermarket; I think it’s important that we look at what real food is NOT before we dive into the vast world of what real food is. If we throw out the imposters all that will be left is a sweet variety of nourishing foods.

1. Food is just that, nourishing. The food we eat brings life to our 300 Million + cells living and active that make up our every available function. I actually have a theory that we need less (more nourishing) food than the gobs we stock up on and consume of food containing empty nutrients. But we will get to that later.

2. Sugar is NOT white! In nature, sugars and carbohydrates (the energy providers) are joined together with vitamins, mineral, enzymes, protein, fat and fiber which are the bare bones of body building and digestion regulating components of any diet. The white sugar we buy in the store has been through a refining process that strips natural sweeteners of any nutrient capabilities. When consumed this actually causes the body to call on itself to pull nutrients rather than building and storing as we were created to do to protect and heal from a plethora of ailments. High Fructose Corn Syrup is NOT a safe substitute. There is a recent commercial put out by the FDA that shows a family frolicking in a corn field with a mother saying “corn syrup, sugar, our bodies don’t know the difference” well she should be ashamed of herself. It is chemically produced and voids our body of necessities to function and protect and is extremely dangerous to kids because the doses are not tested on small humans, rather on 500lb cows, you do the math.

3. Where’s all the butter?! Butter is not bad! But you can hardly find it in the store. Margarine galore. Which I’m not happy to report is a fermented version of corn oils that are recolored to our liking. Sorry, I don’t like buying dead things to put in my body. I like putting live food in to keep me, I don’t know…alive. The notion that saturated fats per se cause heart disease as well as cancer is not only trite, it just plain wrong. While it is true that some fats are bad for us, we must understand which ones. Since butter is a dairy product it has all the same hormones, antibiotics and other additives that are inside our milk that is just as dangerous.

4. Milk! This one is the sorest for me, probably because it’s hardest to find. This is going to be a shocker; you may want to sit down. Store bought milk is void of the fats we need to grow strong health brains and bones. Yes, even organic. When we were stationed in Florida we had the luxury of buying milk at a local farm stand for $3 a gallon that came straight from the cow, cream on the top and all. Why are these notions so out dated? Now that we are stationed in Alabama it is impossible for me to find that type of milk as it is illegal for farmers to sell to human consumption. Most people I talk to about milk think it barbaric to drink milk straight from the cow. That it is unsanitary. What is unsanitary is feeding cows at a processing plant, other dead cows and grains then extracting contaminating milk, boiling down the contamination, bleaching the contamination than adding a few drops of lab created nutrients such as vitamin D and Vitamin E. Ok but what about the remaining 100+ vitamins, nutrients and minerals that work symbiotically with our body to restore cells that are dying without this form of consumption? Urgh…this topic irks me most!

5. What the…MEAT?!? This is an area I “DO NOT” compromise in! I do not buy meat from the store! Ok, I will buy chicken and ground beef … but at earth fare only. I buy my meat from a local farmer who grows his cows in the field, has them slaughtered, packaged and I and my family enjoy…void of contamination, chemical treatment and full of nutrient. Meat that comes from a processing plant. I know there is a mirage of choices at the store but there is only about 3 companies that produces the meat in this country. The animals do not feed on forage which contaminates their bodies, makes them sick. They are then treated with antibiotics during life and a process of “decontamination” when they are dead.

Anyone see the problem with this yet? It has taken me years to put all this together so it won’t be overnight for you either, so please stick with it and don’t lose hope. The main thread in all of these processes is in the government’s attempt to “Help” us they over treated, over produced, and over contaminated which has striped our food of the nutrients we need for our bodies to function the way we are made to. Rather we fill ourselves with empty food and we are surprised when we get sick, are tiered, depressed, and a whole host of things that could take days to list.

The truth is the body is made to heal and restore itself through a constant variety of nutrient dense foods. My goal with this search for “Real Food” is to expose every entity of our empty food and show viable alternatives and solutions regardless of time constraints, budget restraints and overcoming just plain inexperience. This will start a series in which I’m not sure how long it will take. But I can promise…It will be fun, It will be informative and I will change your love for food in a way you could never imaging.

1st Homework Assignment: Watch Food INc. If you have Netflix you can watch it for free. Or you can view it via YouTube and pay a few measly bucks to do so.

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