Monday, August 1, 2011

Breaking Ground.

In my devotions this morning God offered me a glimpse of His plan for me. Not because I’m special, or spiritual, or even very close to Him. Simply because He knows what I need, when I need it and I have opened my heart to ALL possibilities, in Him.

Think on that…the possibilities in Him. The mindboggling possibilities are endless. Although, in our society we have limited a limitless God. Just like the crowd attempting to build a tower in order to touch the heavens we too try and form God into something we can reach out and Touch.

Being therefore offspring of God, we ought not to think that which is divine to be like gold are silver or stone, graven form of man's art and imagination. Acts 17:29

The audacity we have to think those things that are ‘divine’ or ‘holy’ are tangible accomplishes we have conjured up on our own. We fill our time and spend our resources on things that sound and feel good. Based on the level of technology we currently operate in we are inundated with instances of people who need our help, a word of encouragement, a few extra dollars, medicine, food, shelter, clothing I could go on and on. But, if God hasn’t specifically spoken to do so, we are busy accomplishing ‘divine tangibility’s’ and is an utter waste if it hasn’t been completed through a word from God.

Based on Acts 17:29 …graven form of man’s art and imagination…we are creating all new images of worship and devotion. No they aren’t gold statues and no we don’t call them by other names. But even worse they are done in God’s name and provide disillusions to those around us, watching to see what a Christian really is.

It’s no surprise I am currently operating in one of the lowest places in my life. After going through a few weeks of purification, this morning I let God know I was ready to be filled with whatever he wanted to put back in me. He added on to my foundation, a revelation and a warning for me NOT to go out and build ‘graven images’ out of my imagination in His name. That means I am to speak when He says speak, walk when He says walk, and keep my mouth and hands restrained when no direction is given. A VERY hard thing for me to do, if you know me at all.

I will mess up, and bad! But I am encouraged knowing there will be times I do things exactly as God has intended and there will be yet another layer lifted as I draw closer to my father in heaven.

Living in a state of emptiness I have determined to stand before the Lord and allow Him to fill me back up with what He wishes. My only plea to Him is to provide me the wisdom to choose the right things I allow back in my heart. Yes, He is the only one who can provide, but make no mistake it is my choice what I reach out and take a hold of; whether it be Godly or ungodly.


Donna (Twinmountainpottery) said...

Hi from a fellow ETSIAN. I have really been moved by your blog as I have read some back posts. May you continue to move forward in your spiritual growth! God Bless you and your family.

Sarah Stahl said...

Donna, I apologize it's taken me some time to respond. Somehow I missed your very sweet comment. I wish the same for you in your spiritual growth as there is only one source of your encouragement and that is through Jesus Christ.