Monday, February 2, 2009

Business Article Hits The Streets

In a previous post I shared with you every explicit detail that resulted in a feature story printed in the Panama City, FL News Herold.

I am proud to say the article on “Paper Perfection” was printed yesterday, February 1st, just in time for the Sunday morning news. Although the article wasn’t posted online I do not have a link to share with you.

I can however, describe to you the very classy way in which Mr. Carson portrayed how I run my business.
He started off by giving details of how I “learn as I go” referring to an example of how I didn’t even know about cyber Monday until just a few days before. Scrambling to create a sale with multiple new listings I greatly benefited from what is known to be the busiest online shopping day of the year.

He explained how I use Etsy as my online marketplace to service customers as far away as Europe.

Mr. Carson also made a special note to mention the bulk of my work starts when my kids are in bed because family is my first priority and the interesting struggles that come with running a business as a military spouse.

He cited examples of the quality of the types of categories in my shop and quality of my craftsmanship. The article ended on a positive note in which Mr. Carson revealed my joy of sharing what I learn with other business owners here on this blog.

I could never fully express this opportunity Mr. Carson of the PCNH has allowed me. In 24 hours I have already received 1 multiple item order from my shop, 1 request for custom sympathy cards from a local sheriff’s wife and accolades from the moderator of a local buy and sell group I am a part of, in which she informed all 556 members of this accomplishment and referred them to review the story in yesterdays paper.

Most importantly I am greatful to God for seeing fit to bless my business in such a way to honor my husband through the achievements he has allowed me over the past year since the birth of Simply Sarah's Paper Perfections.

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Fantastic Sarah, exciting!

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Robynsart said...

Congratulations!! I've been anxiously awaiting to see how this went for you! I think it's all just begun. Enjoy the ride!!!

Beth said...

How wonderful and well deserved. Thank you for sharing this!

j.US.t chatter said...

super exciting stuff! good luck with everything! I will be checking back to keep up to date w/ your blogging. :) -katie (kayttaylor on etsy)

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Wonderful and congrats!