Sunday, December 14, 2008

"To Do List": Homeschool Version

For any of you with one or more “mini me’s” running around. You are well aware of how the time can so quickly slip through your fingers; leaving your “to do” list left rather unattended.
High priority on my "To Do List": Complete Abigails Lesson Plan.

Our, overactive, highly inquisitive daughter turned 4 in October. I always knew I wanted to start more formal schooling when she turned 4. Now here we are creeping up on the beginning of the year and I have yet to start her on a scheduled learning program. I did however order a full years worth of curriculum from:

Little did I know how much work it would be to reach the organizational level I would be most satisfied with. Along with the K-4 curriculum came exlanations and tips for the teacher, me, with helpful hints and practical guidlines to make sure my little "student" gets the most out of my instruction. The most helpful tip I recieved from the Teachers Guide was how importaint it is to be organized prior to the start of homeschooling. The explanation revealed reveiws from other parents explaining how easy it is to get burned out without propper organization.
For every parent who has tried to teach their child anything you know how frustrating it can be. Imagine how magnified this frustration could become without providing a calm, structured, environment.
My main goal is teach my children how to love and hear Jesus in their lives. Along with this will come an at home education closely monitored and designed to allow my children to reach their maximum, healthy, curiosity level. Over the past few weeks I have been working to start on our all new schedule. The big day will be January 5th. I have almost completed the lesson plan for my daugthers year of Kindegarten. The lesson plan includes bible, history, science (our world), phonics, math and handwriting. By June little Abigail should be able to count to 100, add, subtract, read and write.
It is more exciting than I can express, to think I will be in charge in teaching the my daughter (and eventually our son) the building blocks that will bring her through life.
The completion of finalizing her lesson plan includes organizing which activities I will complete which days with which subjects.
Since organization is key I will be looking for 5 bins to lable Monday thru Friday and fill each with all work, activities and materials the weekend prior in order to hunker down to learn in a calm environment. Although with our 18 month old, only time will tell how calm the environment will be. :) Much more to come in my: "Adventures in Homeschooling".
Like always, I'd love to hear advice and comments on this issue.

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