Thursday, December 11, 2008

How do you Celebrate...Christmas?

So how does your family celebrate Christmas?
That may be a strange question for some but we don't all share the same desires to decorate and give gifts. Our family chooses to keep their sights on Jesus which is surprisingly much more simple than the complications the "Holiday Season" can sometimes bring. My father in Law, Mr. David Stahl, wrote a great article on where our priorities lie, now and always. Please check it out at

Talk Radio 101 announced a contest offer for all those that have "Holiday Headaches" although ours may be a bit different than the entries expected we have added our "Headache" to the list that will be offered up for the prize of a $250 gift card. I decided to share our entry our of curiosity of what others think of our "headache" and also to hear yours.

Contest Entry:

"So...what's Santa bringing you for Christmas this year?" This time of the year that question is expected, especially when you have kids as we do, but what of those like us that don’t celebrate Christmas in the traditional way as most of the rest of the country? This question is our biggest headache during the holiday season. Our 4 year old daughter, who is much more aware of this time of the year than our 18 month old son, often gets excited at the colorful decorations and glistening lights which spawn an abundance of holiday-related questions, especially about the “big red man.” As a Christian family we teach our children that Jesus is the reason for the joy in our lives and giving is much better than receiving. We don’t give presents and we don’t decorate; instead of giving gifts to family and friends we teach our children to give to those unable to give back. Part of our stressful concern when going out in public is from the Christmas-spirited mother’s reaction with me after hearing my 4 year old reveal the sacred secret, “Santa is not real, we love Jesus instead.” Imagine how many times we get asked the Santa filled questions by an overwhelming amount of people who assume we follow in the holiday Santa deception. If you have kids, I’m sure you can imagine. Even my husband has encountered harassment by co-workers over the same issues I encounter outside of the workplace. It has even gone as far as someone telling him he doesn’t love our kids due to his unwillingness to shower them with gifts on this one day out of the year. Will our holiday headache ever reach a resting place? Please help Goody’s Cool Orange Headache Powder!
Your thoughts?....Your headaches...? I'd love to hear with your comments.
Although our kids are still quite young (4 and 18months) We have plans of traditions that include turning the holidays into giving back to others as we learn to Love as Jesus Loves. Weather it be our time or our talents. One thing we have and will try to implement more is visiting the local veterans home and showing our love and gratitude for what they have sacrificed for their country.

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