Thursday, June 9, 2011

Passion and Pot Holders...

Direction from the Lord is a wonderful thing. To feel His grace and honor bestowed on an undeserving servant is beyond description.

The glorious stories waiting to be told of His perfect guidance, and how He has gone before us to make a way that no man could have otherwise coordinated, is beyond belief.

When looking back at our own lives we see, His perfect orchestrations are much more visible than our clouded judgment allowed them to be while we experienced them. I’m honored to share such an experience with you that is currently unfolding.

Since attending Pike Rd. I have been encouraged and inspired by the passion the pastors wife has for the lost. She looks at, what most would consider, the “cast aways” of this world with a love and compassion that only Jesus can bring. Particularly, a group of teen girls at Safety Net, which is a group home for troubled teens downtown Montgomery Alabama. Due to troubling pasts, these girls are desperately looking for a smidge of love and acceptance, like they have never experienced.

After going through an intensive background check the pastor’s wife is now able to visit the girls, to include taking them out of the home for ‘one on one’ time. A delightful treat of basic pleasures such as eating out and shopping for necessities is all it takes to make them feel a part of the world again. But, there are so many that have these girls souls in mind as well. Since it can get quite expensive to treat these girls to a day out, Mrs. D. has been praying for a way to be able to raise money to keep up with this level of ministry with the girls. As stated in her etsy profile, Mrs. D. shares the simplicity in how God brought the idea before her, with a silly interaction between her and her dog. God is in the little things folks.

Thus, her passion for potholders was born. Of course her real passion is for these precious girls, and through the loving construction of these modern, fun, potholders will come the means in which she can show them love, also through action.

I am anxious to share updates as time goes on, so please mark to keep tabs. Glory be to God!

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