Monday, February 9, 2009

Capturing Love on Paper

Creating one of a kind, custom, invitations for an elated bride is such a sweet honor.

When I started my business this time last year I had little idea the type of joy “paper crafting” could bring to the hearts of so many.

Although I create greeting cards of all sorts for numerous occasions I can’t express the joy I feel throughout the complete creating process of each special invitation suite I construct.

After being married for many years it’s easy to lose sight of what blissful love feels like. Over time love turns into devotion and dedication and that excited giddiness is a spark off in the distance we long to, once again, catch a glimpse of.

Like the spark sometimes caught in a Jane Austin novel; so too is the spark I feel when working with each bride. Their sheer joy and eagerness to please their one special man is the innocent simplicity that always reminds me of where each love spark starts. Including my own.

With each creation comes a beautiful portrayal of the couples personalities that will bring them together in perfect unity on a day that I get to announce for them to the whole world.

Thank you for this special honor.
Just Imagine what I can Create for You!

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